Diamonds & Gemstones in the Bible

Several mention of gemstones such as diamonds can be easily retrieved from the Bible. Such mentions testify that diamonds and gemstones existed since the creation of the world. 


It is common to find different types of gemstones, as in the Book of Exodus (Old Testament) where 12 different types of stones appear, to symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel. 


Book of Exodus 28:15 - “And thou shalt make a breastplate of judgment…” 

Book of Exodus 28:21 - “And the stones shall be according to the names of the children of Israel, twelve, according to their names; like the engravings of a signet, every one according to his name, they shall be for the twelve tribes.” 


Topaz - Asher

Opal – Dan

Garnet - Judah

Ruby – Reuben 

Onyx – Josef

Agate - Naftali

Sapphire - Issaschar

Imperial Topaz - Simeon 

Jasper - Benjamin

Amethyst - Gad

Diamond - Zebulun

Emerald – Levi 


The Breastplate 

The Breastplate was one of the high priest’s eight garments. The breastplate was composed of 4 columns of gemstones and three gems were inlaid in every column. 

Twelve gemstones, each stone represents a tribe, and its name engraved on the stones. Also the names of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were engraved as well as the words: Shivtei Yeshuron.