Famous Diamonds: The Florentine Diamond

The Florentine diamond gets its name from the city of Florence (Latin Florentia), the renowned and historic city, situated 230 Km northwest of Rome, which had been the seat of the Duchy of Tuscany (1537-1860), ruled by several generations of the Medici Family, and was once the Capital of Italy for a short period (1865-71). Among the most famous citizens of this great city are Leonardo de Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, Machiavelli, and Galileo.

This is another of the Great Lost famous diamonds of the world. Only black and white photos exist of this famous stone prior to its disappearance in 1921. It is a 137.27 carat diamond with light yellow colorations with very slight greenish overtones. The diamond was an irregular, 9-sided double rose-cut stone, with a shield shape and having 126 facets. A double rose-cut is a modified briolette with a girdle.
Legend has it that Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy was warring it when he fell in battle in 1467. The diamond was then found on the body by a foot solder that thought it was glass. It is thought to have been owned by Pope Julius II, The Grand duke of Tuscany in 1657, and later as part of the Hapsburg Crown Jewels.
It is believed to have been re-cut into an 80 carat round diamond that was sold in 1981 and its present location is unknown.