Jewellery trend from the runway - playful animal themed jewellery

16 Feb 2011 
Animal-themed jewellery is fun, young, and beautiful. Animal-themed jewellery can be seen on various runway shows this season, it adds a touch of surrealism and playfulness to the garment; also the mixed of materials and details of the jewellery can surely show the craftsmanship and beautify of the jewellery piece.
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Paul & Joe Georgio Armani Lanvin
Animal-themed jewellery from suppliers at JewelleryNetAsia.
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18K Diamond, Ruby, Lemond Topaz, Carnelian and Color Sapphire Dragonfly Pendant from Haz Design Black spider pendent from Hugo Jewelry Co. Ltd.
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Animal Diamond Brooch from Winda Lee Sapphire rings from JCL Design